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Pierrefeu (half day trip) Easy canyon, perfect for young children. Sweet water, no approach walk and come back to car in 20 minutes. Not far to Nice.

Available in 2 hours trip.

canyon near nice
Saint Jean  Lovely little abseil in nice canyon close to Annot.

two hours trip

 nice canyon close to annot. lot of fun abseils!!
Cramassouri Perfect fun canyon close to Nice (30 minutes!!) Lot of jump, slide, fun down-climb and a big one jump to finish!! Awesome!!

two hours trip

 perfect and most funny canyon close to Nice
Cuébris (half day trip) Sunny canyon with various challenge : wateredabseil, discover short cave, enjoying jump. a best choice

2h30 trip

 lovely canyon with jump, slide, abseil, cave and lot of sun!!
Amen (half day trip) famous sportive canyon, short but intense. Close to Guillaumes town in the french colorado

2 hours trip

difficult canyon close to Guillaume in the french colorado
Roudoule Nice canyon close toPuget-Theniers. Lot of small jump,abseils and slide. Incredible colorfull rock

4 hours trip, possible in half day trip 2 hours

 wonderfull canyon close to puget theniers jump slide and fun
Planfaé Close to Nice!! Nice canyon for a nice little day. Practicable by all. Nice zip-line to the end

4 hours trip

 nice canyon close nice, jump, slide and nice zip-line!!
Imberguet Hidden canyon localise in the Vésubie valley. This intense lovely canyon flowing only in spring. cold water and enjoying

3 hours 30 trip

 hidden canyon close to nice, narrow and dark, fun and intense
Pierrefeu (full day trip)  The totality of this canyon is a big adventure with warm water in a typical landscape.


easy but long canyon 6 hours!! lot of walk

 sunny canyon and warm water
Challandre Beautyfull landscape of red rock like colorado. Nice cold canyon with big slide in deep pool

5 hours trip

 sunny and fun canyon close valberg
Barbaira After the italian boarder, we finda incredible canyon with perfect colorfull water. Lot of jumps andabseils!!

5 h trip, possibility to eat ine the town!!

 swim in natural pool of barbaira
Cuébris (full day trip) Long day canyon with differents ambiances. Vertical part, impressive part and funny for finish

6 hours trip

 hidden waterfall
Bollène Typical canyon from the Vésubie Valley. Lot of big slide (20 meters!!), jump in big pool. I love it!!5 hours of fun  fun canyon with lot of big slide
Riolan One of the best canyon to France, Lot of swimbetwen two big limestone cliff. Many jumps, twoscaryest slide and awesome landscape!!4h30  nice jump in the first part of riolan
Aiglun Like Riolan with much water,adviced for end of summer4h30 of white water!!  nice swim in warm water!!
Peira tree big waterfall in sunny place. the pleasure to verticality, a must for discover new sensations5 sunny hours  waterfall near Nice, beautyfull landscape
Maglia The mostbeautyfull canyon from France, narrow and darkness, lot of game in clear water, an awesome place!! The best place!!5 cold hours  10 meter jump in the maglia, the most beauty full canyon of france
Amen (Long trip) One of the more difficult canyon to the frenchriviera, lot ofabseils,downclimbs and abeautifull landscape to red rock7 difficult hours  difficult canyon close to Guillaume in the french colorado
Raton Like Amen with more jumps andlessabseils8 hard hours  difficult canyon and big challenge
Bendola (2 days trip) Two days trip with bivouac. Themost longer canyon in Europe, More to fiftyabseils, lot of jump and awesome memories2 full days  two day trip canyon, the loguest in europe

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