Guillaume Coquin
Canyon Guide DEJEPS canyonisme

I started canyoneering in 1988 at 7 years old with my father. Following him during ten years, I then continued to explore this amazing world of water and rocks on my own.
I traveled the world looking for new canyon to explore. I went to Spain (Guara, Catalunia, Mallorca), Italy (Alps, Appenins, Sardinia), Greece (Creta), Slovenia, Austria, Deutchland, Swizerland (Oberland, Graubunden, Ticino), Corsica, Balkans, Reunion Island.
Today, I dream about Utah, Açores, Turkey and many other wonderful places where to discover new canyons.

I have explored more than 500 differents canyons and cumulated more than 1000 descents. I also opened more 50 new canyons around Europe.

Living between Nice and Annot, I’m also practicing mountain skiing, ice climbing, bouldering, trad climbing, caving and hiking.

Hope to see you around!

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